About the project


The textile industry is one of the largest growing industrial sectors in Pakistan & it plays a vital role in Pakistan’s economy. Denim production is one of the significant sub-sectors in the textile industry.

Club76’s journey is pretty exciting to us as the brand took birth during the pandemic when the CEO realized that we export all our high-quality denim worldwide and then we buy the same denim at high prices with branded tags so why not directly sell it in Pakistan so our people can afford the high-quality jeans in reasonable prices. Since then brand continued to grow as it receives overwhelming responses from our Pakistani audience.


The fashion industry is a competitive market undertaking massive growth among youngsters. As the ecommerce brand, Club76 wanted to reach out to a new audience, gain their trust and get them to buy the locally manufactured high-quality denim brands.


Talking Point helped the brand to automate sales by generating relevant leads and providing an overall creative marketing strategy. To upgrade brand’s proposition, we also pitched mood boards based on fashion photography and creative videography concepts.

The brand sells approximately 12,000+ styles every quarter from both, men and women, in all the cities of Pakistan.

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