August 1, 2018

Pond’s Miracle Journey

Pond’s Miracle Journey is a tribute to womanhood. The journey that started four years ago in an effort to empower and encourage women to unleash their hidden mettle has now branched out into a full-blown mentorship programme. Initially, it was introduced with ten Miracle Mentors who were each renowned for their ability to effortlessly juggle and succeed in the twin challenges of being high achievers in their chosen professions plus fulfill the demands of their families and managing social responsibility in their daily lives.
Over a span of four years, the Pond’s Miracle Journey has empowered more than 330 trailblazing women and has celebrated their achievements.
As of 2018, the vision has transformed from celebrating and recognizing women to using their expertise in maintaining the younger generation thereby making their transition into the professional environment a lot easier. It aims to acknowledge empowered women all over Pakistan and celebrate their achievement.
Talking Point mapped out the communication and media amplification plan for #PMJ18.

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