August 1, 2018

LUX Fans of Each Other

LUX brings the best of beauty – and the pleasure that comes with it – to every woman in the world. Throughout the journey, LUX has positioned itself as a luxury beauty brand for women. It’s not only a soap but an experience of rich  and long-lasting fragrancesThe brand’s purpose is to create a beauty & luxurious brand image and to add value to the ongoing and new campaigns ensuring that LUX stays on the top of mind throughout the year.
Talking Point, with its creative engagement ideas,  planned, managed and executed media events by generating interesting content and exciting giveaways (eg. Forever LUX rose).
Moreover, with our dynamic participation in LUX TVC launch event ‘Fans of Each Other’ with Mahira Khan, Reema Khan, and Maya Ali as our beauty icons we were successfully able to amplify our presence on all digital and PR platforms.

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