August 1, 2018

Fashion Pakistan Council

Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) is a fashion event organized by the Fashion Pakistan Council (FPC), an organization based in Karachi. FPW has a long tradition of holding bi-annual fashion weeks like Spring/Summer and Winter Festive.

The council’s main objectives are to encourage, foster, promote, enhance, facilitate and assist individuals and/or design houses in the sale and promotion of high-quality garments in the domestic market. It has a permanent venue to hold mini shows for international buyers as well as a textile and research cell and a fashion and costume museum. It also aims to buy machinery that is unaffordable to individuals, to be used by any designer to facilitate creative design for the export market.

Talking Point is the Digital & PR partner for Fashion Pakistan Council, leveraging the media with pre, during and post coverage of the event and digitally amplifying the entire event through interactive posts, designer videos, sponsor reveals and much more.

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