December 4, 2018

Dalda – #MeriAwaz

Dalda hosted an exclusive panel discussion for celebrities and key opinion leaders at the Movenpick Hotel to celebrate its #MeriAwaz campaign. This campaign is a call to action for all mothers of Pakistan to silence societal voices that get to their children and negatively impact them.

The event kicked off with host Ayesha Toor introducing Dalda panelists along with other Dalda representatives. The panel of esteemed women selected for this event included actors Aamina Sheikh, Samina Peerzada and Sarwat Gillani, model and entrepreneur Nadia Hussain, influencers Mishayl Naek of The Yummy Mummy Network and Aamna Isani of Something Haute. The panel discussion provided several insights into societal stereotypes that plague young girls and the discussion moved on to what needed to be done to rid ourselves of these stereotypes.
Dalda brand ambassador Aamina Sheikh said, “Words have incredible power. Things that are said to us and that we hear since childhood can have a lasting impact, so much so that they can dictate our behaviors and future. In a society tangled in a web of complex issues, body-shaming is one of the by-products that we have taken responsibility to address at a massive scale through our campaign #MeriAwaz. Let’s equip our girls so that they are self-sufficient and able to confront the voices, and in turn inspire others so much so that the noises fade into oblivion.”
As explained by Marketing Director Dalda, Usama Mehmood Khan Ghauri, “Jahan Mamta Wahan Dalda has always been our core belief. The #MeriAwaz initiative by Dalda is undertaken to raise awareness about issues that plague our society and affect our youth. We must raise our voice to end this vicious cycle. Dalda has always embodied the essence of motherhood and will continue to do so.”
According to panelist Mishayl Naek, “Body confidence begins at home. It’s our responsibility to make our daughters value the importance of being healthy, happy and strong.” For Aamna Isani, “We, as parents, need to filter and detox our systems of all unnecessary outside pressures, especially the pressure of looking a certain way. We have to redefine perfection. Let’s love our daughters for who they are, allowing them to be confident and successful in their skin.” Actor Samina Peerzada urges parents to “Listen to your children and be their friend.”
The panel discussion was followed by guests mingling near the photo booth which included fun props with empowering messages. A pledge wall activity allowed guests to join the #MeriAwaz movement by making pledges to be a part of the change. “I feel in today’s world of immense pressure not just from society but social media too regarding what girls should look like or be able to achieve in their life, it becomes very helpful to have a united forum that cares about the best interest of our daughters. Join the movement now and share the best!”, said Nadia Hussain.
The pledge wall activity proved to be a great conversation starter that continued into a late afternoon lunch. This initiative by Dalda proved to be a success, leaving guests with some food for thought.

Talking Point organized the panel discussion and amplified the entire campaign across all PR medium.

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